integral Education for Inner and Social Transformation



Date: April 2024

PRECIO: 12.250€


Psychedelic medicines are part of what we call ancestral knowledge, a wonderful legacy of indigenous populations to humanity. At the same time, psychedelic medicines are supported by the most modern clinical and neuroscientific research. This powerful conjunction makes them an invaluable tool and a revolutionary new approach to mental health. BMed Global offers a dynamic training program focused on the pathologies of our time, in line with the current reality: a climate crisis and increasing rates of mental disorders in the population. Therefore we adjust to the needs that are emerging at a collective level at a time when there is an urgent demand for specialized professionals.

Our goal is to train professionals who can be active agents of change in favor of the health and well-being of people, in coherence and balance with the social contexts and living ecosystems that sustain us.

We emphasize the importance of the personal process of the future psychedelic therapists and researchers, so special attention will be paid to the internal process of transformation of non-functional patterns and to the work with different aspects of the personality that need to be integrated to be able to respond with total integrity to the demands of the patients.

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy is the great revolution in mental health at the moment, we believe in nurturing ourselves through psychedelic medicine and turning it into wisdom for life.


The Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Training curriculum consists of a total of 576 hours of instruction. It combines 16 online modules, 4 residential modules of 6 days each. The program includes 16 individual consultations with specialized therapists, a total of 80 hours of group self-experience, an expedition to get in touch with indigenous ancestral cultures, supervised internships.

The online modules are made up of an essential theoretical body of different topics related to psychedelic assisted therapy. It consists of live and recorded classes, reading material, review questions and in-depth material.

Experiential intensives are 6 days and 5 nights in length. We will meet in this retreat format a total of 4 times, twice a year, and accommodation, food and materials are included in the program fee.

A total of 16 individual consultations with tutors are required over the two years. These can be done in person or online. Each consultation lasts 1 hour.

During the two years of training, both group and individual dynamics with a therapeutic approach will be proposed. This instance will be the basis of the personal process that will take place in the training and aims to catalyze individual experiences and integrate them.

Participants will go on a 20-day expedition trip to the Amazon to get in touch with the different traditions and indigenous populations where they will have the opportunity to explore with their tutors the tools of integration and preparation of transpersonal psychology as well as the ceremonies with plants in their context.

Students will have the opportunity to carry out individual and group supervised internships.


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Medical doctors, psychologists, certified therapists.


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Frequent Asked Questions

This course is aimed at: psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists and certified therapists.

This course starts on April 2024.

The course will be teach in English and Spanish.

This course lasts 2 years and a half.

Yes, to the online course, you can access the course from anywhere in the world. To the retreats it will be necessary to travel. 

Course materials will be available forever. This includes the episodes and the transcript of the content.

We recommend that you dedicate one hour a day weekly to deepen the didactic material that the teacher will provide you with.

The training price is 12.250 €. This price not include the expedition trip.

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