MDMA. Research and Applications


Through a multidisciplinary lens, it delves into the historical, therapeutic and scientific aspects surrounding MDMA. From its beginnings to its current use in assisted therapy, the course provides a panoramic view of its evolution and application. It examines how MDMA has challenged conventional paradigms in psychotherapy, especially in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Participants explore administration protocols, current research and promising results that place it at the forefront of mental health.

The module is designed to provide participants with a solid and up-to-date knowledge of MDMA, its therapeutic applications, ongoing research and safety approaches.

Participants learn about preparation approaches, safe administration of the substance, and integration practices that help maximize therapeutic benefits. With a focus on safety and ethical implications, the course invites deep reflection on the transformative potential of MDMA in the therapeutic field and beyond.


By participating, students are expected to reach.


Oscar Soto

脫scar Soto Angona is a psychiatrist, researcher and therapist. Graduated in Medicine from the University of Valladolid, he specialized in Psychiatry at the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, where he has also developed research and clinical activity in the Resistant Depression Program. Doctoral candidate at the Universitat Aut贸noma de Barcelona, his interest is focused on the phenomenology of altered states of consciousness induced by psychedelics, and their therapeutic utility. He has been or is a sub-investigator or therapist in several clinical trials with psychedelics, including esketamine, psilocybin, MDMA, and 5MeoDMT. He is president and founder of the Spanish Society of Psychedelic Medicine.

Oscar Alvarez

Specialist in family medicine, psychiatry and medical psychotherapy and member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He has practiced psychiatry for 20 years in several countries around the world (Ireland, Australia, England and Spain), highlighting his experience in the field of preventive psychiatry (ORYGEN Youth Health), neuropsychiatry (Royal Melbourne Neuropsychiatric Unit
(ORYGEN Youth Health), neuropsychiatry (Royal Melbourne Neuropsychiatric Unit) and personality disorders (SPECTRUM). Currently practicing as a psychiatrist and researcher at Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Deu, specializing in severe mental disorders, personality disorders (Hospital de Dia) and cross-cultural psychiatry (SATMI).
Principal Investigator at the Sant Joan de Deu Research Foundation.
He has led as PI a clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of psilocybin in resistant depression and is currently involved as investigator in several clinical trials with psilocybin, 5MeODMT and DMT for depression.
Co-founder and secretary of the Spanish Society of Psychedelic Medicine.
Committed practitioner of Vajrayana Buddhism.

Jose Carlos Bouso

Jos茅 Carlos Bouso is a Clinical Psychologist and PhD in Pharmacology. He developed his scientific activity at the Universidad Aut贸noma de Madrid, at the Instituto de Investigaci贸n Biom茅dica IIB-Sant Pau in Barcelona and at the Instituto Hospital del Mar de Investigaciones M茅dicas de Barcelona (IMIM). During this time, he developed studies on the therapeutic effects of MDMA (“ecstacy”) and psychopharmacological studies on the acute and long-term neuropsychiatric effects of many substances, both synthetic and plant-derived. As Scientific Director of ICEERS, Jos茅 Carlos coordinates studies on the potential benefits of psychoactive plants, mainly cannabis, ayahuasca and ibogaine, with the aim of improving public health. He is co-author of numerous scientific articles and several book chapters. He is also a member of the MARC (Medical Anthropology Research Center) at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona, visiting professor in the mental health program at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of S茫o Paulo in Riber茫o Preto, Brazil, and vice-president of the Society of Clinical Endocannabinology (SEC).

Karina Bertolotto

Karina Bertolotto is a psychologist with a Master in Humanistic Psychotherapy from the Erich Fromm Institute in Barcelona. Currently, she teaches at the University of Barcelona in the Psychotherapy area of the Master in Music Therapy. She is also a professional member of Eurotas, the European Association of Transpersonal Psychology. Her training includes Claudio Naranjo’s Integrative Psychology program, having been involved since 2007 in Claudio Naranjo’s SAT. For five years, she had the responsibility of organizing this program in various places such as California, Canada, Brazil, China and Uruguay.Beyond her training in psychology, she is also an artist and writer. Her passion for comparative mysticism has led her to be a curious traveler, enriching herself with meaningful and transformative experiences during long stays in different countries.Founder and CEO of BMed Global Academy.