About Us

BMed Global Education is a branch of the Spanish non-profit organization Fundación Beckley Med, created in Catalonia.

We aspire to become a center of excellence to help develop and validate the use of transformative psychedelic-based therapeutic approaches for well-being and mental health


Karina Bertolotto

CEO | Founder

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
Catholic University of Uruguay

Master’s in Humanistic Psychotherapy
Erich Fromm Institute, Barcelona

PhD Candidate at Queen Margaret University

Professor and Academic Coordinator in the area of psychotherapy for the Master’s in Music Therapy at the University of Barcelona

Professional Member of Eurotas
European Transpersonal Psychology Association

Trained in the SAT Program in Integrative Psychology by Claudio Naranjo

Since 2007, she has been organizing the program for 5 years in California, Canada, Brazil, China, and Uruguay.

Disciple of Anna Halprin, Stan Grof, Hank Wesselman, Andrew Harvey

Josep M. Fabregas

MD President BMed and Strategic Advisor

Physician specialized in psychiatry
With over 40 years of experience in the profession and extensive training in various areas of the specialty.

Expert in drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling addiction, and personality disorders
among others, being from the start a national and international reference in the treatment of these conditions.

Founded and directs the Center for Addiction Research and Treatment
CITA, in Catalonia

Founded and directs the Institute of Applied Amazonian Ethnopsychology
IDEAA, in Brazil

Lina Williamson

DVM, PhD. Strategic

Scientist and serial entrepreneur in multiple areas of the healthcare sector with global experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, translational medicine, and academic innovation.

Has been involved in the creation of over a dozen start-ups
Working closely with hundreds of researchers globally for the development of new findings in the fields of biomedicine.

Has collaborated with institutions such as Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and companies like Novartis.

Pablo Friedlander


Expert in the convergences between traditional wisdom and the new ecological paradigms of science.
Professionally trained in Ethnobotany and Humanities

PhD in Philosophy and Master’s in Historical Anthropology and Aesthetics
University of Barcelona

Bachelor’s Degree in Literature with a specialization in Greek Philology
National University of La Plata – Argentina

Consultant for the Beckley Foundation
Oxford, since 2012

President of the Foundation for Biospheric Activities
Argentina, since 2008

Board Member of the Treeangle Foundation
United Kingdom, since 2013

Member of the Institute of Ecotechnics
USA, since 2007
Coordinating ecological restoration and intercultural education projects, as well as overseeing R&D programs.

What Do We Do?

To meet the growing demand for certified therapists and companions, we focus on:

To Spread

With the current resurgence in psychedelic medicine research and related treatments approved for medical use, we consider it essential to disseminate information about these advancements to both the medical community and the general public.

To Train

We develop programs with a wide range of courses that introduce a variety of core topics, including psychedelic pharmacology, neurobiology, and clinical applications; as well as explorations of indigenous uses of master plants, ethical challenges, treatment models, and more.

To Empower

To future therapists, individuals interested in integrating psychedelic medicine and learning about its therapeutic benefits; including caregivers and advocates aiming to support the health and well-being of their patients.


We believe that people deserve the opportunity to be healthy and feel fulfilled in order to offer the best of themselves and contribute to the world in which we live.

Taking into account the regulatory flexibility in Catalonia regarding the use of psychedelic plants and approved synthetics, the foundation was formed to enable access to psychedelic medicine.

Synergy with the local Association of Natural, Traditional, and Experiential Entheogens

The foundation and the Global Bmed Center work in synergy with the local Association of Natural, Traditional, and Experiential Entheogens, known as ENTE.

Creation of assisted therapeutic protocols

Since its inception, BMed has brought together a multidisciplinary group of collaborators with experience in psychiatry, psychology, education, ethnobotany, and communications. The team’s intent is to use this approach to rapidly advance in the creation of psychedelic-assisted therapeutic protocols for common conditions that affect the well-being of humanity.