Josep M. Fabregas ​

Doctor specializing in psychiatry
with more than 40 years of experience and extensive training in different areas of the speciality.

Expert in drug addiction
alcoholism, compulsive gambling and personality disorders, among others.

He founded and directs the Center for Research and Treatment of Addictions CITA
in Catalonia and the Institute of Applied Amazonian Ethnopsychology IDEAA, in Brazil, being from the beginning a national and international reference in addressing these pathologies.

National Award of Medicine, Specialty in Psychiatry
Spain, 2022.

Jose Carlos Bouso

Clinical Psychologist and PhD in Pharmacology. 

He developed his scientific activity at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, at the Instituto de Investigación Biomédica IIB-Sant Pau in Barcelona and at the Instituto Hospital del Mar de Investigaciones Médicas de Barcelona (IMIM). 

He developed studies on the therapeutic effects of MDMA (“ecstacy”) and psychopharmacological studies on the acute and long-term neuropsychiatric effects of many substances, both synthetic and plant-derived. 

Scientific Director of ICEERS.

 Member of the MARC (Medical Anthropology Research Center) at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona, visiting professor in the mental health program at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo in Riberão Preto, Brazil, and vice-president of the Society of Clinical Endocannabinology.

Karina Bertolotto


Master in Humanistic Psychotherapy Erich Fromm Institute,

Professor and academic coordinator of the Psychotherapy
area of the Master in Music Therapy at the University of Barcelona.

Professional member of Eurotas
European Association of Transpersonal Psychology.

She has been trained in Claudio Naranjo’s Integrative Psychology
SAT program since 2007, organizing the program for 5 years in California, Canada, Brazil, China and Uruguay.

Founder and CEO of BMed Global Academy.


David Lukoff

Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Sofia University in Palo Alto CA and licensed psychologist in California.

Active researcher and advocate for spiritual competence in the field of psychology.

Author of 80 articles and chapters on spiritual issues and mental health.

Co-author of the DSM-IV category Religious or Spiritual Problem.

Active presenter at international leve of workshops on spiritual competence Loss and grief, death and illness, spiritual problems and emergencies.

Has been actively involved with the mental health consumer movement for 30 years.

Sara Gael

Psychedelic therapist, educator, and community organizer. She co-founded Psychedelic Stewardship and the Memoru Center for Visionary Healing Art

Sara has also served as a researcher in clinical trials investigating the efficacy of MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD and is an Educator and Associate Supervisor at MAPS PBC.

Previously, she was the Director of Harm Reduction at MAPS, overseeing the Zendo Project.

Advisor and former Board President at DanceSafe and the designated harm reduction representative on the Psilocybin Mushroom Policy Review Panel in Denver.


Pablo Friedlander

Expert in convergences
between traditional wisdom and the new ecological paradigms of science.

Professionally trained in
Ethnobotany and Humanities.

PhD in Philosophy and Master in Anthropology, History and Aesthetics
University of Barcelona.

Bachelor of Arts with specialization in Greek Philology
Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina.

Consultant of Beckley Foundation
Oxford, since 2012.

President of the Foundation of Biospheric Activities
Argentina, since 2008.
Director of Treeangle Foundation
UK since 2013.

Member of the Institute of Ecotechnics

Regina Hess

Clinical psychologist
with a joint doctorate in transpersonal psychology and body phenomenology.

Body-centered Gestalt psychotherapist,
creative therapist and transpersonal psychotherapist and supervisor.

Founder and director
of the ASE World Forum.

Member of the Board of Directors
of the European Transpersonal Association and the International Transpersonal Association.

of the International Transpersonal Research Network.

Member of the Integration Team
of the MIND European Foundation for Psychedelic Science.

Veronika Gold

Marriage and family therapist who specializes in the treatment of trauma.

Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. 

Certified EMDR therapist, Consultant, and Facilitator, and Realization Process Teacher. 

Trained at Ketamine Training Center and Kriya Institute, and MDMA-Assisted Therapy Training through MAPS.

Currently a Sub-Investigator and Co-therapist, a supervisor and a trainer on the MAPS MDMA-Assisted Therapy Clinical Trials for the treatment-resistant PTSD.

Lead trainer in Polaris Insight Institute.

Co-founder of Polaris Insight Institute. 

Diego Minck

Physician. Psychiatrist.

Director of the Escuela Gestalt Viva Claudio Naranjo Argentina.

 Director of Conciencia Abierta.

Master in Psychopharmacology Favaloro University.

Disciple and collaborator of Dr. Claudio Naranjo since 1999.

Trained in Gestalt with Naranjo and his international SAT team.

Disciple and collaborator of Master Ashanika Don Juan Flores Salazar from Mayantuyacu, Pucallpa, Peru since 2006.

Trained in dynamic psychiatry under the tutorship of Lía Ricón and JC Stagnaro.

Psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapies with Héctor Fiorini.

Group psychotherapy and psychodrama with Hernán Kesselman and Eduardo Pavlovsky.

Cognitive psychotherapy for personality disorders with Jeffrey Young (disciple of A. Beck).

Desensitization therapy for trauma, panic disorder, generalized anxiety. EMDR, F. Shapiro.

Family Therapy (Glasserman)

Paulina Pozo

Clinical Psychologist from the University of Chile.

Professional member of  EUROTAS (European Transpersonal Association). 

Clinical Coordinator of the Takiwasi Center (Tarapoto, Peru), She has taught at various universities and institutes in Chile and Peru.

Co-directs retreats in the Peruvian Amazon “Women and Amazonian Ancestral Wisdom” She co-directs retreats in the Peruvian Amazon.

Oscar Soto

Psychiatrist, researcher and therapist.

Graduated in Medicine from the University of Valladolid, he specialized in Psychiatry at the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, where he has also developed research and clinical activity in the Resistant Depression Program.

A doctoral candidate at the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, his interest is focused on the phenomenology of altered states of consciousness induced by psychedelics, and their therapeutic usefulness.

He is a therapist and researcher in several clinical trials with psychedelics, including esketamine, psilocybin, MDMA, and 5MeoDMT.

He currently works as a psychiatrist at Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Deu (Barcelona), where he engages in clinical work and researches the use of psychedelics in various mental disorders.

He is president and founder of the Spanish Society of Psychedelic Medicine.

Susana Bustos

Clinical psychologist (PUC, 1992), music therapist (UCh, 2001), certified in Holotropic Breathwork and Transpersonal Psychology, in gestalt therapy, emergencies and spiritual emergencies and art therapy.

Teacher and mentor of graduate students at the California Institute of Integral Studies and is adjunct faculty at the University of Berkeley, (California, USA). She is a clinical supervisor and maintains a private integrative practice. She was the director of the US Spiritual Emergencies Network from 2016-2020.

In 2019 she co-founded the School of Psychovegetalism for the study of the interface between Psychotherapy and Amazonian Vegetalism.


Elias Capriles

Retired university Professor
from the Universidad de los Andes, Venezuela.

Instructor of Santi Maha Samgha
in the Dzogchen Community.

He has published fourteen print books, five e-books,
over forty scholarly articles and twelve book chapters in nine countries and four languages.

He is part of the board
of the International Transpersonal Association.

Xochi Bucuru Botache

Colombian traditional healer, educator in the areas of health and human development, cultural manager, promoter of indigenous community projects.

Began at the age of 14, healing processes with Yage, or Ayahuasca.

Legal recognition by the Colombian Ministry of Culture in 2020 as a traditional doctor.

Co producer and scriptwriter of the documentary “Kumanday la ruta de los pueblos” and co-creator of the photo book Uchuamy, community pedagogical material.

Galia Tanay

Researcher, lecturer, therapist and supervisor
in Mindfulness-based approaches.

Doctor in Psychology
she has taught and trained therapists in academic and non-academic programs.

For 13 years Galia has been working with psychedelics.

A practitioner of traditional deep Buddhism,
She has been teaching intensive meditation retreats for the past 8 years.

Certified Yoga teacher
who teaches Yoga therapy.

Vocal artist, musician and writer.

Patricia Cano

Clinical Psychologist Specialist (via PIR). 

She has been working as a clinician in Hospital Hermanas Hospitalarias since 2008.

Collaboration for a year in an addictions center in the Peruvian Amazon.

Master in Analytical Group Therapy (University of Deusto).

Postgraduate in Mindfulness and Clinic.

Trained in Gestalt Therapy, Enneatype Psychology and Integrative Body Therapy.

Joe Tafur

Physician. Integrative Medicine activist
throughout his medical career.

He completed a two-year postdoctoral research fellowship
in the Department of Psychiatry at UCSD.
In 2011, he helped found Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual
a traditional Shipibo healing centre in the Peruvian Upper Amazon.
Author of the book “The Fellowship of the River:
A Medical Doctor’s Exploration into Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine”.

Co-founder of the non-profit organization Modern Spirit,
dedicated to demonstrating the value of spiritual healing in modern healthcare.

Joel Olive

Multi-instrumentalist musician music therapist and luthier.

Founding member of the Sound & Trance Institute Germany-Spain.

Director of the international training in Sound and Trance States STF – Sound TransFormation.

Professor of Music Therapyat the University of Girona.

Collaborator of ICEERS Barcelona SÄPT, Switzerland and the Integrative Transpersonal Institute Barcelona

Trained in Music and Unconsciousness Society of Applied Ethnopsychology and ECCS European College of Counciousness Studies, Fine Arts University of Barcelona.

Postgraduate degree in music therapy. From the Blanquerna University.

Vicente Merlo

Doctor of Philosophy.

He has lived several years in India, especially in Sri Aurobindo’s ashram in Pondicherry.

Member and founder of the Spanish Society of Indian and Oriental Studies (SEIO), as well as of the Spanish Transpersonal Association (ATRE).

He is the author of about twenty books, among which we can highlight:Meditation in Hinduism and Buddhism, Transreligious Spirituality. Meditating is resting in being: essential meditation and integral meditation.

 He is currently president of the Akasha Association and of the International Sri Aurobindo-Mirra Community (CISAUM).

Hank Obermayer

Master’s degree in East-West Psychology and has pursued PhD studies at the California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS).

Trained in embodied mindfulness through theatrical practices and Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy.

Pioneering psychedelic therapy for nearly two decades, with over 10 years of experience as an expanded consciousness guide.

Certified facilitator in the “Work That Reconnects,” trained by eco-philosopher Joanna Macy 

30 years of leadership in ecovillages, intentional communities, and housing cooperatives.

Jury Member for the German-Jewish History Award, presented annually by the Berlin Senate

Esperide Ananas

PhD, Psycho-sociologist.

Master’s in English and Spanish Literature from the University of Milan, an additional Master’s in Communication from NYU.

Spiritual facilitator, healer and Ambassador of the Federation of Damanhur.

Collaboration with the European Parliament and contributions to a UN-affiliated consultancy, she transitioned to consultancy roles with international organizations.

A profound personal transformation led Esperide to encounter an Intelligent Field of Love and Coherence, unveiling potent forces propelling human growth. Embracing her role as a healer and facilitator, she extends her influence both in person and online.

Graduating from Damanhur’s School for Spiritual Healing, she specialized in cellular rejuvenation and the energy matrix of the human body. 

Her expertise includes Transformative Peace Negotiation training. A certified SoulCollage© Facilitator and Aberkyn Business Transformation Lotus accredited facilitator, her versatility is demonstrated through fluency in five languages.

Sonia Telle

Master’s in Arts from CIIS and is a licensed Somatic Psychotherapist.

Specializing in private practice, she offers therapy services to individuals, couples, and families.

Sonia collaborates with GTT (Grof Transpersonal Training) in the United States and Europe.

Trained by MAPS in MDMA-assisted therapy for clinically working with expanded states of consciousness.

Sonia is certified in trauma work, particularly in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and holds certification as a Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator.

Additionally, she is a certified Bioenergetic Therapist and employs Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) 

Antoni Aguilar

Degree in Medicine and Surgery.

Gestalt Psychotherapist.

Director of Espai TCI and Cercle Gestalt.

Director of Integrative Transpersonal Training.

Didactic and supervisor of the AETG.

Trained in integrative body therapy and transpersonal psychotherapy. Vipassana meditation instructor. 

Master in Brief Strategic Therapy. 

Disciple and collaborator of Dr. Claudio Naranjo in the SAT program.