Preparation, Psychedelic Session and Integration.


Preparation and integration are two fundamental aspects of psychedelic sessions, as they contribute significantly to maximizing the therapeutic and personal benefits of these experiences.

In this module, we will explore the various preparation, integration and session possibilities from cutting-edge therapeutic approaches that correlate with effective research protocols in psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Each of the topics will be addressed by a specialist in the field and we will integrate them by articulating the content in both individual and group therapy processes.


By participating in this module, students will have access to a better understanding of these topics:


Sara Gael

Sara is a psychedelic therapist, educator and risk reduction specialist. She began her journey with MAPS in 2012 through the Zendo Project. Sara served as MAPS’ Harm Reduction Director (2016-2020) and Harm Reduction Training and Education Coordinator (2014-2016). She contributed to the development of the Zendo Project’s training curriculum and has facilitated psychedelic support workshops around the world. Sara was also a sub-investigator on MAPS Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials investigating the safety and efficacy of MDMA Assisted Therapy for the treatment of PTSD. She is a MAPS Educator, helping to train the next generation of psychedelic therapists. She served on the DanceSafe Board of Directors from 2019-2023. Sara teaches, writes, and presents on topics related to psychedelic-assisted therapy, risk reduction, peer support, and the potential of psychedelics as catalysts for individual, community, and collective healing. He lives in Boulder, Colorado.

David Lukkoff

David Lukoff, PhD is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Sophia University in Palo Alto, CA and a licensed psychologist in California. His work focuses on spiritual and mental health issues. He has authored 80 articles and chapters and co-authored the DSM-IV and DSM-5 category Religious or Spiritual Problem. He is active in international training workshops for psychologists on spiritual competency, loss, grief, death, recovery, and spiritual crises.

He has served on the faculty of Harvard, UCLA, Oxnard College, California Institute of Integral Studies and Saybrook, and has been active in training workshops for psychologists on spiritual competencies in areas such as loss and grief, death and illness, spiritual problems and emergencies, as well as in Japan, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Romania, Portugal, France, Sweden, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Austria, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Moldova and England.

Veronika Gold

Veronika is a marriage and family therapist specializing in the treatment of trauma. She is a Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Certified EMDR Therapist, Consultant and Facilitator, and Realization Process Teacher. She has completed multiple trainings in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, including advanced training through the Ketamine Training Center and the Kriya Institute, and MDMA Assisted Therapy training through MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies). Currently, she is a Sub-Investigator and Co-Therapist, supervisor and trainer in the MAPS MDMA Assisted Therapy Clinical Trials for the treatment of resistant PTSD. She regularly presents at conferences and teaches on trauma and psychedelic assisted therapies. Veronika is a lead trainer in the Polaris Insight Training Program.

Karina Bertolotto

Karina Bertolotto is a psychologist with a Master in Humanistic Psychotherapy from the Erich Fromm Institute in Barcelona. Currently, she teaches at the University of Barcelona in the Psychotherapy area of the Master in Music Therapy. She is also a professional member of Eurotas, the European Association of Transpersonal Psychology. Her training includes Claudio Naranjo’s Integrative Psychology program, having been involved since 2007 in Claudio Naranjo’s SAT. For five years, she had the responsibility of organizing this program in various places such as California, Canada, Brazil, China and Uruguay.Beyond her training in psychology, she is also an artist and writer. Her passion for comparative mysticism has led her to be a curious traveler, enriching herself with meaningful and transformative experiences during long stays in different countries.Founder and CEO of BMed Global Academy.

Susana Bustos

Susana is a clinical psychologist with a degree obtained at PUC in 1992. She is also a music therapist, having completed her training at UCh in 2001. Her credentials also include certifications in Holotropic Breathwork and Transpersonal Psychology, gestalt therapy, emergencies and spiritual emergencies, as well as art therapy.

In academia, Susana plays an important role as a teacher and mentor to graduate students at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and also serves as adjunct faculty at UC Berkeley, located in California, USA.

In addition to her educational work, Susana is a clinical supervisor and maintains a private practice characterized by her integrative approach to therapy.聽

During 2016-2020, Susana served as the Director of the US Spiritual Emergencies Network, reflecting her commitment to supporting individuals going through spiritual and crisis experiences.

In 2019, she co-founded the School of Psychovegetalism, a project dedicated to the study of the interface between Psychotherapy and Amazonian vegetalismo, demonstrating her continued exploration and commitment to various therapeutic and personal growth modalities.

Paulina Pozo

Clinical Psychologist from the University of Chile, Specialized in Psychotherapy Assisted with Psychoactivating Techniques at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Barcelona. Psychotherapist professional member of the European Transpersonal Association EUROTAS. Her field of clinical and academic work is the interface between Indo-American ancestral medicines and wisdoms and mental health. Former Clinical Coordinator of the Takiwasi Center (Tarapoto, Peru), a world reference in the work with traditional Amazonian medicine and psychotherapy. She has taught at various universities and institutes in Chile and Peru. During the last 13 years, Paulina has created and been part of several initiatives in the field of integration between master plants and psychology, such as the Psicosabidur铆a Platform, the retreats “Women and Amazonian Ancestral Wisdom” (which articulate therapeutic and ceremonial settings for working with ayahuasca in women) and the training “Psychotherapy, Master Plants and Integration”, currently in its 6th edition, developing her own model of therapeutic integration for working with ayahuasca in mestizo and western contexts. She co-directs retreats in the Peruvian Amazon and has been in private psychotherapeutic practice since 2010. In 2018 she co-founded the School of Psychovegetalism for the study of the interface between Psychotherapy and Amazonian vegetalism.

Oscar Soto

脫scar Soto Angona is a psychiatrist, researcher and therapist. Graduated in Medicine from the University of Valladolid, he specialized in Psychiatry at the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, where he has also developed research and clinical activity in the Resistant Depression Program. Doctoral candidate at the Universitat Aut贸noma de Barcelona, his interest is focused on the phenomenology of altered states of consciousness induced by psychedelics, and their therapeutic utility. He has been or is a sub-investigator or therapist in several clinical trials with psychedelics, including esketamine, psilocybin, MDMA, and 5MeoDMT. He is president and founder of the Spanish Society of Psychedelic Medicine.

Diego Minck

Diego Minck is a physician with specialization in psychiatry. Director of the Escuela Gestalt Viva Claudio Naranjo in Argentina, he also leads the project Conciencia Abierta. He has a Master’s degree in Psychopharmacology from Favaloro University. 聽His relationship with Claudio Naranjo dates back to 1999, having been a disciple and collaborator during all these years. He was trained in the Gestalt current by Naranjo himself. In addition, since 2006, he has been a disciple and collaborator of Master Ashanika Don Juan Flores Salazar from Mayantuyacu, Pucallpa, Peru. He has expanded his training in various areas, including dynamic psychiatry under the tutelage of L铆a Ric贸n and JC Stagnaro, as well as psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapies with H茅ctor Fiorini. His expertise also encompasses group psychotherapy and psychodrama, having been trained by Hern谩n Kesselman and Eduardo Pavlovsky, as well as skills in cognitive psychotherapy for personality disorders through apprenticeship with Jeffrey Young, a disciple of Aaron T. Beck. In addition, his training includes desensitization therapy for trauma, panic disorder and generalized anxiety, through the application of the EMDR method developed by Francine Shapiro. Trained in family therapy with Glasserman approach, consolidating a wide range of therapeutic tools that he uses in his professional practice.

Antoni Aguilar

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. Gestalt Psychotherapist, he focuses on promoting personal transformation and emotional growth. He directs with dedication both Espai TCI and Cercle Gestalt, two centers that provide a safe and conducive space for healing and individual development. Director in Integrative Transpersonal Training and supervisor awarded by the AETG (Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy). His training encompasses integrative body therapy and transpersonal psychotherapy, which provides him with an integral perspective to address diverse challenges. In addition, he plays an essential role as a Vipassana Meditation Instructor and holds a Master’s Degree in Brief Strategic Therapy. A fundamental component of his professional trajectory has been his collaboration as a disciple of Dr. Claudio Naranjo in the SAT program, which has significantly influenced his approach and enriched his perspective on psychotherapy.

Patricia Cano

Patricia is a Clinical Psychologist Specialist who obtained her specialization through the PIR pathway. Since 2008, she has worked as a clinical psychologist at Hermanas Hospitalarias Hospital. In addition, Patricia has collaborated for a year in an Addiction Center in the Peruvian Amazon, which has provided her with valuable experience in the field of addiction and mental health. She also has a solid academic and professional background. She holds a Master’s Degree in Analytical Group Therapy from the University of Deusto. In addition, she has completed a Postgraduate Degree in Mindfulness and Clinical Mindfulness, and has been trained in Gestalt Therapy, Enneatype Psychology and Integrative Body Therapy. Her therapeutic approach and extensive training make her competent in addressing a variety of mental and emotional health problems, offering her patients comprehensive and holistic care.