Enneagram. discovering the Character


The Enneagram is a valuable tool for delving into the deepest corners of human nature, uncovering the distorted image of the true Self.

The Enneagram serves as a potent method for studying human personality. It is built upon nine personality structures, often referred to as Egos. Its purpose is to foster the recognition and dismantling of rigid and neurotic personality patterns that hinder the expression of our potential and negatively impact our relationships and worldview. Rooted in ancient traditions, the Enneagram proposes nine masks or false personas that align with the behavioral map. This approach suggests that our character is essentially one of the strategies we developed during childhood to navigate the challenges of survival.

This resource proves effective for self-discovery and serves as a robust avenue for inner transformation. It actively encourages conscious, gradual changes that steer you towards unlocking your capacity for love and creativity.

These teachings are rooted in the concept of overcoming the intrapsychic movements made during childhood to evade feelings of love deficiency. This cognitive strategy entails the creation of a character in response to external adversity. However, as we mature, this character solidifies into a shell that confines and suppresses the Self and its potentials. Our focus shifts towards addressing compulsions and disentangling from our identification with neurotic patterns of behavior within the world. The Enneagram offers a formidable avenue for transformation that ultimately leads to reclaiming your spontaneity and genuine essence. The outcome is an enhanced quality of life, characterized by more harmonious relationships and an authentic perspective on both others and yourself.


Karina Bertolotto

Karina Bertolotto is a psychologist with a Master in Humanistic Psychotherapy from the Erich Fromm Institute in Barcelona. Currently, she teaches at the University of Barcelona in the Psychotherapy area of the Master in Music Therapy. She is also a professional member of Eurotas, the European Association of Transpersonal Psychology. Her training includes Claudio Naranjo鈥檚 Integrative Psychology program, having been involved since 2007 in Claudio Naranjo鈥檚 SAT. For five years, she had the responsibility of organizing this program in various places such as California, Canada, Brazil, China and Uruguay.Beyond her training in psychology, she is also an artist and writer. Her passion for comparative mysticism has led her to be a curious traveler, enriching herself with meaningful and transformative experiences during long stays in different countries. Founder and CEO of BMed Global Academy.