Harm Reduction In Different Contexts


As interest in psychedelics grows, it is crucial to address the challenges related to their use in an informed and safe manner. Encourage the creation of safe, stigma-free spaces where people can openly discuss their experiences, questions and concerns related to psychedelics.

This module is designed to train students in protocols to be applied in festival and other contexts, and they themselves can be harm reduction training agents.

The integration of psychedelic experiences is an essential pillar in harm reduction, allowing individuals to assimilate and wisely apply the insights gained, thus promoting inner transformation.


By participating in this module, students will have access to a better understanding of these topics:


Sara Gael

 Sara is a psychedelic therapist, educator, and risk reduction specialist. She began her MAPS journey in 2012 with the Zendo Project. Sara served as MAPS Director of Harm Reduction (2016-2020) and Harm Reduction Training and Education Coordinator (2014-2016). She contributed to the development of the Zendo Project training curriculum and has facilitated psychedelic peer support workshops worldwide. Sara was a sub-investigator for MAPS Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials researching the safety and efficacy of MDMA-Assisted Therapy for the treatment of PTSD. She is a MAPS Educator – helping to educate the next generation of psychedelic therapists. She served on the DanceSafe Board of Directors from 2019-2023. Sara teaches, writes, and presents on the topics of psychedelic-assisted therapy, harm reduction, peer support, and the potential of psychedelics as catalysts for individual, community, and collective healing. She lives in Boulder, Colorado