Harm Reduction In Different Contexts


While psychedelics hold much promise in mental health treatment, they also come with associated risks that can be further exacerbated in unsupervised settings. As awareness around psychedelics increases, so does psychedelic use. Our clients are now exploring psychedelics in a variety of settings including social, community, and ceremonial. This course will explore how we can best support our clients in navigating psychedelic use in various settings from a risk reduction perspective.

This course will prepare you to respond to the changing landscape and support your clients as they explore their own personal use. We will examine ways we can engage our clients in meaningful dialogue regarding psychedelic use, supporting them in examining the potential benefits and risks of psychedelics.

Through honest, informed, and non-pathologizing conversations, our clients can make informed decisions that support their emotional and psychological health. We will also learn how to support our clients in integrating their psychedelic experiences and translating these experiences into lasting lifestyle change.


By participating in this module, students will have access to a better understanding of these topics:


Sara Gael Beauregard

Sara is a psychedelic therapist, educator, and community organizer. She is co-founder of Psychedelic Stewardship and Memoru Center for Visionary Healing Arts. For over a decade she has worked in environments where people are taking psychedelics including festivals and concerts, to provide direct support and education for those using psychedelics in social and community settings. She has also worked as an Investigator for clinical research trials investigating the efficacy of MDMA-Assisted Therapy for the treatment of PTSD and is a MAPS PBC Educator and Associate Supervisor. Sara is the former Director of Harm Reduction at MAPS, where she oversaw the Zendo Project. She is the Lead Instructor for the Integrative Psychiatry Institute Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Training and a Facilitator for Beckley Academy. She is an Advisor and former Board President at DanceSafe and the appointed harm reduction representative on the Denver Psilocybin Mushroom Policy Review Panel. Sara鈥檚 dual experience working in both clinical/research contexts and in community settings has provided her with unique insights to share with clinicians. Sara is an advocate for the careful and responsible integration of psychedelic substances into mental health treatment and society and believes that as we explore the potential benefits of psychedelics we must also discuss the potential risks and challenges unique to psychedelics聽