Community, Spirituality and Well-Being. Social Activism.


As with most psychotherapies, psychedelic guidance work usually focuses on the intrapsychic realm of the individual. This is true in both 1-on-1 and group work. At the same time, the crises facing humanity are systemic and collective in nature, leaving many unsure even about human (and biological) continuity. As societal concerns become more planetary, individual problems become more connected to global issues. This implies that systemic approaches and the interpsychic realm become more relevant. Some transformative group processes, such as the "Work that Reconnects" developed by eco-philosopher Joanna Macy, work in this way.

In this module we will delve into psychedelics in the transformative group process and community as a tool to heal our connections with ourselves, the natural world and the future.

Experiencing this for ourselves, we understand multiple dimensions of how it works and then explore ways to apply it to psychedelics. We use our relationships with each other to help us root ourselves in the wonder of being alive on Earth, in shared mourning and vitality, as well as in ways of intimacy with the future as a way to deepen our passions and commitment to all life. Community thus functions as a dimension of the work and also as a support for integration.


By participating in this module, students will have access to a better understanding of these topics:


Hank Obermayer

Hank Obermayer is a leading practitioner with an M.A. in East-West Psychology and a Ph.D. from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). His solid education allows him to explore the intersection of psychology, spirituality and consciousness.

With nearly 20 years in psychedelic therapy and over a decade as an expanded consciousness guide, Hank is a fountain of wisdom. His approach is based on embodied mindfulness training, with influences from Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy. In addition, he is certified in Joanna Macy’s “Work that Reconnects,” which enables him to help people connect with themselves and the community.

Hank leads ecovillages and intentional communities, supporting his commitment to sustainable living. His experience in community dynamics enhances his ability to facilitate group processes. He is also a member of the jury for the German-Jewish History Prize in Berlin, demonstrating his dedication to cultural and social issues.

From consciousness-expanding guidance to community facilitation and cultural management, Hank Obermayer promotes personal and collective growth with his holistic and multifaceted approach.

Esperide Ananas

Esperide is a psycho-sociologist, spiritual facilitator, healer and Damanhur Federation Ambassador.

With an innate aspiration to foster positive global change, Esperide’s initial professional experiences included working closely with the European Parliament and contributing to a UN-affiliated consulting firm. This foundation led to consulting roles with various international organizations.

After a profound personal transformation, Esperide encountered an Intelligent Field of Love and Coherence. This decisive encounter revealed the existence of potent forces driving humanity’s growth. In response, Esperide embraced the role of healer and facilitator in service of this Awakening, extending her influence both in person and through online platforms.

In 1993, Esperide joined the Federation of Damanhur Communities in Italy, a step taken to integrate their ideals into their daily lives. In the same year, they successfully completed the Damanhur School of Spiritual Healing program, specializing in cellular rejuvenation and the energetic matrix of the human body. Their experience extends to leading seminars on expanding consciousness through spiritual technologies such as Selfica, exploring past lives and harmonizing masculine and feminine energies. Her ongoing spiritual growth is reinforced by dedicated rituals and practices.

Esperide’s academic background includes a Master’s Degree in English and Spanish Literature from the University of Milan, an additional Master’s Degree in Communication from NYU and an Honorary Doctorate from Wisdom University. Her competencies include training in Transformative Negotiation for Peace. In addition, she is a Certified SoulCollage漏 Facilitator and an accredited facilitator of the Aberkyn Business Transformation Lotus training. Fluent in five languages, Esperide’s skills are truly versatile.