plant medicine and different possibilities

Plant medicine and different possibilities

The relationship with the master plants as guides and intermediaries in the communication and connection with the deep language of nature and the mysteries of the universe, is part of the profound wisdom that since ancient times has been guarded and protected by the native peoples. This wisdom has developed around plants such as Yag茅 or Ayahuasca, coca, tobacco, psilocybe mushrooms, tongo, and ceremonial cacao, as well as different ritual practices ranging from prayer, to dance and song.

In this module the student is invited to deepen initially in "The Law of Origin" that promotes native knowledge for the proper use of the wisdom of the master plants, and how these different forms of teaching to contribute to healing, understanding health as a state of integral consciousness.

Each ancestral culture, according to its territorial and therefore cultural origins, has been assigned the company of a master plant or knowledge that has allowed it to establish a harmonious relationship with itself and the environment over time. Today we are fortunate to share this knowledge throughout the world, with the aim of contributing to the healing of individuals, society and mother earth.


By participating in this module, students will have access to a better understanding of these topics.


Joe Tafur

Dr. Joe Tafur is a Colombian-American family physician. After completing his training at UCLA, Dr. Tafur spent two years in academic research in the Department of Psychiatry at UCSD. After his fellowship, for a period of six years, he lived and worked in the Peruvian Amazon at the traditional healing center Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual, training there as an Ayahuasquero. In his book “The Fellowship of the River: A Medical Doctor’s Exploration into Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine”, through a series of stories, Dr. Tafur shares his unique experience and his theories of integrative medicine.

He is currently a fellow at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. With his spiritual community in Phoenix, Dr. Tafur co-founded the Church of the Eagle and the Condor (CEC).

Dr. Tafur is also co-founder of the non-profit organization Modern Spirit, whose projects include the Modern Spirit Epigenetics Project, an analysis of the epigenetic impact of MDMA-assisted MAPS psychotherapy.

Xochi Bucuru Botache

Xochi Bucuru Botache is a Colombian traditional healer, educator in areas of health and human development, cultural manager, promoter of indigenous community projects.聽

Her learning about ancestral medicines, and especially about the healing processes with Yage, or Ayahuasca, began at the age of 14 years old, giving in this way, a start to a life in total dedication to the study and service of ancestral knowledge. Since 2009 she has worked as a traditional healer, receiving legal recognition by the Colombian Ministry of Culture in 2020 as a traditional doctor, which gives her the authority to provide training in areas of health, and provide care and support in natural treatments. Her vocation for art and culture led her to study “Art, management and political culture” with the corporation Corpo Redes and the Universidad Distrital, training with which she has exercised in parallel the development of cultural projects and the direction of the Cultural Corporation Tras La Huella, a non-profit organization, promoter of transmission and protection of ancestral knowledge. Co-producer and scriptwriter of the documentary “Kumanday la ruta de los pueblos” and co-creator of the photo book Uchuamy, community educational material.

Pablo Friedlander

Pablo Friedlander is an expert in the convergence between traditional wisdom and the new ecological paradigms of science, with a background in Ethnobotany and Humanities. He holds a PhD in Philosophy and a Master’s degree in Anthropology, History and Aesthetics from the University of Barcelona, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Greek Philology from the National University of La Plata in Argentina. With a solid background as a consultant for the Beckley Foundation in Oxford since 2012, as well as president of the Foundation for Biospheric Activities in Argentina since 2008 and director of the Treeangle Foundation in the UK since 2013, he has led ecological restoration projects and cross-cultural programs. His membership in the Institute of Ecotechnics in the United States since 2007 reflects his commitment to ecological innovation.His passion for uniting ancestral knowledge with modern approaches is reflected in his work as a coordinator of restoration projects and leader in research and development initiatives. His experience and commitment make him a bridge between traditional wisdom and contemporary challenges, fostering a balanced and conscious approach to a sustainable future.