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The use of music to induce altered states of consciousness (AAS) goes back to the roots of our culture. Drums, gongs, didgeridoos and rattles have been used for thousands of years as musical instruments for healing and trance. In this training program, we will review both theoretical and practical uses of the so-called archaic instruments and aspects of trance and integration processes.

In the present times, we are observing a resurgence of psychedelic therapy, which came to a halt for a long period of time. Nowadays, with the increasing interest in psychedelics and their benefits, psychedelic therapy is becoming more and more popular, and its therapeutic benefits and great potential are being rediscovered.

The fact that psychedelics became illegal, pushed the pioneers to search for other existing tools with similar potential to allow us to access altered states of consciousness.

In this series of online meetings, we will explore the practical and theoretical aspects to understand the scope of these tools and how we can apply them in our daily lives.


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In this course, students will receive an introduction of 6 online modules, which additionally can be complemented by a 5-day residential workshop in Spain.

Introduction to the origins of Music Therapy

Sound journey: scheme and improvisation.

Active and receptive music therapy

Self-exploration through the sound journey.

Effect of music on the brain

Set and setting sessions


Joel Olivé

Joel Olivé is a multi-instrumentalist musician, music therapist and luthier. Promoter and collaborator of music therapy workshops for the expansion of consciousness at a national and international level, he works combining research and studies of music and yoga of sound, with voice, overtone singing and archaic instruments, among them: the symphonic gong, the didgeridoo, the monochord, the bina and tabla, and it’s specialized in their application in therapy. It’s the creator of most of the instruments that he uses in music therapy sessions, sound journeys and concerts, He likes to design the sound he feels.

He published numerous writings and articles on the instruments, apart from an extensive collection of musical works. Founding member of the Sound & Trance Institute (Germany-Spain), and offers courses together with Dr. Peter Hess and his wife Heike Hess, with whom, since 2002, they run the international Sound and Trance States Training STF – Sound TransFormation. Professor of music therapy at the University of Girona, and a collaborator of ICEERS (Barcelona), SÄPT (Switzerland) and the Integrative Transpersonal Institute (Barcelona).

He studied didgeridoo with the Australian Aborigines, African percussion with Senegalese and tabla and singing of Indian classical music and Dhrupad, and currently studying guitar and pan drum.

Among his studies, it is worth mentioning his training in Music and Unconsciousness (Sociedad d’Etnopsicologia Aplicada), and the ECCS (European College of Counciousness Studies). He studied Fine Arts (Universitat de Barcelona), and has a postgraduate degree in music therapy from the Blanquerna University.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is aimed at all those who are interested in deepening their knowledge of somatics and psychedelics. They aspire to find tools to deepen both their personal and professional practice.

The course starts on February 2, 2023. The experiential retreat starts on April 30, 2023.


The course will be taught in Spanish with simultaneous translation into English.

The duration of the course is two and a half months.

Yes, the course is online, you can access the course from anywhere in the world.

The course materials will be available forever. This includes the episodes and the transcript of the content.

We recommend that you dedicate one hour per day per week to study in depth the didactic material provided by the teacher.

The price of the online course for residents in Europe is 200 €.
For residents in Latin America it is adjusted to the minimum wage of the country, please consult

The price of the retreat is 690 € bird February 15th after 790 € (all included)

Yes, they are two different instances.



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