Psicología Transpersonal y Psicodélicos



DATE: July 21 to October 2, 2023



La psicología transpersonal y los psicodélicos están estrechamente relacionados, ya que ambos se enfocan en la exploración de la conciencia y la experiencia humana. Los psicodélicos son sustancias que pueden inducir estados alterados de conciencia, los cuales pueden ser utilizados en un contexto terapéutico para ayudar a las personas a procesar y sanar traumas, ansiedades y otros problemas de salud mental. En muchos casos, los psicodélicos pueden facilitar experiencias trascendentales y espirituales profundas. La psicología transpersonal trata de explorar y explicar las experiencias místicas, trascendentales y espirituales que muchas personas han experimentado.

La psicología transpersonal puede ser una herramienta útil en el trabajo con psicodélicos, ya que esta corriente de la psicología se enfoca en la integración de experiencias trascendentales y espirituales en la práctica psicológica. Los terapeutas transpersonales pueden ayudar a las personas que han tenido experiencias psicodélicas a procesar y comprender estas experiencias, a integrarlas en su vida diaria y a utilizarlas para lograr un mayor bienestar y desarrollo personal.

Este curso esta diseñado para proporcionar a los estudiantes un marco teórico en referencia a la psicología transpersonal y como esta puede ser integrada en el trabajo con piscodélicos, como un marco amplio para la comprensión e integración de experiencias transpersonales.


Participando de este curso los alumnos tendrán acceso a un mayor entendimiento sobre estos temas:


Dr. Elias Capriles

Elias Capriles. Dzogchen teacher, philosopher, metachamanic facilitator and transpersonal psychology theorist. Elias has experientially researched psychedelics for many decades. He founded and managed two Spiritual Emergency Shelters (Swayambhunath and Anjuna Beach). He received all the Dzogchen transmissions and practiced that teaching in successive three-month retreats in the Himalayas. Later, he deepened his study of philosophy at two universities and produced a philosophical and psychological system based on Buddhism and Dzogchen, with an ecological orientation and an egalitarian tendency in social, economic and political matters – all expressed in many books, academic articles and book chapters-. In Mérida, Venezuela, he helped found the Ecologic Coordination “Arturo Eichler” and  participated in political ecology activities. He taught at the Universidad de Los Andes (Department of Philosophy, Chair of Oriental Studies, Africa and Asia Research Center) until his retirement, and has lectured extensively at multiple universities in Europe, America and Asia. He currently teaches Dzogchen in multiple countries, both within and outside the International Dzogchen Community. He is a board member of the International Transpersonal Association and the Iberoamerican Transpersonal Association, as well as participates in various academic journals in several countries. His work has been discussed in philosophy books in France, Spain, Mexico and Venezuela, as well as in the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is aimed at all those who are interested in deepening their knowledge of metachamanism. They aspire to find tools to deepen both their personal and professional practice.

The online course starts on 21 July 2023.
The course will be in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.

The duration of the course is two and a half months.

Yes, the course is online, you can access the course from anywhere in the world.

The course materials will be available forever. This includes the episodes and the transcript of the content.

We recommend that you dedicate one hour per day per week to study in depth the didactic material provided by the teacher.

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